Astrology and Online dating services

Astrology can be everywhere — just take a look at your social take care of or going out with app and you will probably see is actually more popular than ever. But what exactly is it, and how can you use it to look for love?

The answer to both is based on natal charts, which are maps based upon the time and place of your labor and birth. They show the positions of the planets and their associations to each other, providing you a powerful perception of what you’re designed to do in this life. They have complicated and layered, this means you will be hard to know on your own, many people consult with professional astrologers for support.

Based on your natal chart, you may also know the indication that was rising on the asian horizon when you had been born (your ascendant), which can be important as it shows you how you present yourself to the world. A few astrologers also use the moon’s location and color, as well as the north and south nodes of the the planet and the asteroid Chiron.

But for those who don’t have a natal chart, or simply wish to consider things one step further, there are apps like Starcrossed and Struck that use astrology to match you up. Using these types of apps, which will go beyond sun sign matching by looking at the moon’s position, your ascendant, the north and south nodes, and chiron can help you understand why you might get along with someone or not.






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